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We are moving!
The Fallen Earth Roleplayers website is moving to! Create an account there and start transferring over your journals and information. This site will remain as an 'archive', but you soon won't be able to post to it. Read more in the News & Announcement section.

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by Reaper on May 25, 2010 at 09:54 AM
As promised, the Fallen Earth Roleplayer's website has undergone a revamp with a new website! Head over to to sign up for the new site and start transferring your stories over!

Now, I won't be deleting anything from this site. I will be ending the subscription for it, which means Journals might not be accessible at the end of next month and there will be ads, but I will leave everything that's here on the site as a sort of 'archive'. In a few days, once I feel that the move to the new site is going smooth, I'll be locking things down here so that no new responses/posts can be made, but everything should still be visible.

The reason for moving to the new site is many-fold. First, its on a server that I rent and pay for already, so I have much more capability to muck with things behind the scenes and provide more services for the FE RP community than I can here. Money is also part of the decision, of course... though the rates aren't extreme with, I won't have to pay anything additional to host us on the server we already rent.

So head on over to the new site, poke around and start posting! Sarah Gunsmith and I, your intrepid moderators, are there to greet you!
by Reaper on Mar 11, 2010 at 10:54 AM
Abraham has graciously passed on admin and responsibility for this site on to me and I'm looking forward to getting things active again. I'll make a more vociferous post once I've gotten a chance to poke around, but I've already got some Big Plans for the site moving forward.

Hang in there, folks, it promises to be a wild ride!

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